Our People

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation is run by and for the community. Our staff and volunteer leadership live and work in Greater Worcester and understand its organizations, opportunities and needs.

Our board of directors, corporators and committee members are all volunteers and serve without compensation. Each is a community leader with a depth of private or public sector experience. We are fortunate to benefit from their expertise and talent. The 21 board members who provide the governance of the Foundation are elected annually by our corporators and serve four-year renewable terms. Corporators are elected to five-year renewable terms.

Our dedicated professional staff runs our operations and provides a breadth of services to our diverse constituents, including donors as well as our partners, including our region’s nonprofit organizations. Committed to community-building processes, our staff leads volunteers in evaluating grant proposals and reviewing the impacts of grants. They help donors meet their philanthropic goals, advise nonprofits on developing capacity and guide collaborations of all kinds.

The Corporator Enrollment Form is available for new and renewing corporators with terms beginning May 18, 2016. View the Roles and Responsibilities of a Corporator [PDF].


Staff members of Greater Worcester Community Foundation are dedicated professionals. Whether you contact us about giving, to apply for a grant or scholarship, or register for a program, we strive to provide you with prompt, courteous service. To reach any of us by telephone, please call (508)755-0980.

President and CEO
Ann T. Lisi
ext. 105
Jacqueline L. Williams
Office Assistant
ext. 100
Christopher O'Keeffe
Vice President for Program
ext. 108
Jonathan Cohen
Program Officer
Ext. 111
Gail T. Randall
Special Projects Officer
ext. 101
Sarah Shugrue
Program Officer
Ext. 109
Donor Services
Kelly A. Stimson
Director of Donor Services
ext. 112
Maureen Harrington
Senior Development Officer
ext. 102
Beckley Schowalter
Scholarship Program Manager
ext. 116
Finance and Administration
Diane Allain
Accounting Officer
ext. 114
Mark Onanian
Finance Assistant
ext. 103
Jasmine Vasquez Okutoro
Administrative Assistant
ext. 104


Gerald (Lee) Gaudette III
Gaudette Insurance Agency
Gerald M. Gates
Chair Elect
American Stop Loss
Warner S. Fletcher
Vice Chair
Fletcher Tilton PC
Timothy M. Jarry
College of the Holy Cross
Carolyn Stempler
Carolyn & June Designs
Robert S. Adler
Seder & Chandler
Joycelyn Augustus
Financial Consultant
Matilde Castiel
City of Worcester, Department of Health and Human Services
Brian M. Chandley
Southbridge Savings Bank
J. Christopher Collins
Mirick O’Connell
Tracy A. Craig
Mirick O'Connell
Jack L. Foley
Clark University
Alison C. Kenary
Community Volunteer
Patsy A. Lewis
Nonprofit Consultant
Linda Carre Looft
Nadia T. McGourthy
Dresser & McGourthy, LLP
Ann K. Molloy
Mountain, Dearborn & Whiting LLP
George A. Tetler III
Bowditch & Dewey
Matthew Wally
Charles S. (Chick) Weiss
College of the Holy Cross


Corporators are chosen for their involvement in community philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. They are elected to a five-year term and are eligible for re-election to one or more successive terms. Corporators serve without compensation, serving as active volunteers or committee members to further the mission of the Foundation.

  • Lawrence J. Abramoff
  • Colleen Abrams
  • Robert S. Adler
  • Jay Z. Aframe
  • Robb B. Ahlquist
  • Kola Akindele
  • Robert J. Anderson
  • James A. Andreoli
  • David P. Angel
  • Roy Angel
  • Michael P. Angelini
  • Robert V. Antonucci
  • Ann Marie Argitis
  • Joycelyn Augustus
  • Abigail Averbach
  • Robert S. Bachelder
  • Joseph J. Bafaro Jr.
  • Richard C. Barry
  • Thomas J. Bartholomew
  • John E. Bassett
  • Eric Batista
  • Matthew Beaton
  • Paul Belsito
  • Sarah G. Berry
  • Mark P. Bilotta
  • Janet A. Birbara
  • Deborah Bitsoli
  • Elissa Boisvert
  • Pamela K. Boisvert
  • Maurice J. Boisvert
  • James Bonds Sr.
  • Melinda Boone
  • George F. Booth II
  • Sarah Ann Bowditch
  • Cushing C. Bozenhard
  • Kevin L. Bradley
  • James B. Broadhurst
  • Michael D. Brockelman
  • Denise H. Brookhouse
  • Denise Brotherton
  • Paula A. Brouillette
  • Matthew A. Brunell
  • John H. Budd
  • James R. Buonomo
  • Henry Camosse Jr.
  • Gail E. Carberry
  • Jennifer Davis Carey
  • Ann E. Carlson
  • Kirk A. Carter
  • Deborah D. Cary
  • Matilde Castiel
  • Linda A. Cavaioli
  • Francesco C. Cesareo
  • Harriette L. Chandler
  • Brian M. Chandley
  • Joy C. Child
  • Jeffrey Chin
  • Ronald M. Cino
  • Valerie Cohen
  • J. Christopher Collins
  • James E. Collins
  • Michael F. Collins
  • Michael Covino
  • Joseph P. Cox
  • Tracy A. Craig
  • Ken Crater
  • Benjamin Craver
  • Michael J. Crawford
  • John W. S. Creedon Jr.
  • Frederick G. Crocker Jr.
  • Jill C. Dagilis
  • Laurel A. Davis
  • Dix F. Davis
  • Daniel de la Torre Jr.
  • Richard W. Dearborn
  • Eileen R. deCastro
  • Morgan B. Dewey
  • Henry B. Dewey
  • Ross K. Dik
  • James C. Donnelly Jr.
  • Timothy J. Downs
  • Don Doyle
  • Francis X. Dufault Jr.
  • Karen E. Duffy
  • Ellen S. Dunlap
  • N. Lynn Eckhert
  • Patty Eppinger
  • Stephen J. Erickson
  • Allen Falke
  • Barbara E. Fargo
  • Saul F. Feingold
  • Randy Feldman
  • Emily R. Ferrara
  • Mary F. Fletcher
  • Warner S. Fletcher
  • Allen W. Fletcher
  • Jack L. Foley
  • Paul A. Fontaine
  • David P. Forsberg
  • Ron Fraser
  • Mark W. Fuller
  • Gerald M. Gates
  • Gerald L. Gaudette III
  • Lisa Kirby Gibbs
  • Lawrence J. Glick
  • Dorista J. Goldsberry
  • Juan Gomez
  • Dennis F. Gorman
  • Martha P. Grace
  • John E. Graham
  • Cynthia Gray
  • Martin J. Green
  • J. Michael Grenon
  • David R. Grenon
  • Jabian Gutierrez
  • Abraham W. Haddad
  • Sheila Harrity
  • Ernest S. Hayeck
  • John J. Healy
  • Jeannie Hebert
  • John Herron Jr.
  • Maria A. Heskes-Allard
  • Honee A. Hess
  • Calvin Hill
  • Emily G. Holdstein
  • W. Patrick Hughes
  • Kathryn Zingg Hunter
  • Michael E. Huppert
  • M Howard Jacobson
  • Timothy M. Jarry
  • Robert E. Johnson
  • Patricia L. Jones
  • Michelle Jones-Johnson
  • Kevin R. Kearney
  • Alison C. Kenary
  • Richard B. Kennedy
  • Robert M. Kennedy
  • Priscilla Short Kerr
  • Judith Kirk
  • Joyce R. Kressler
  • Leonid Kustanovich
  • Frances E. Langille
  • Joshua LaPan
  • Robert E. Layne
  • Thuha T. Le
  • Diane L. Leclair
  • Laurie Leshin
  • Patsy C. Lewis
  • Joseph Lian Jr.
  • Robert G. Lian
  • Linda Carre Looft
  • Stephen B. Loring
  • Monica Escobar Lowell
  • Susan M. Mailman
  • Michael J. Martin
  • Samuel N. Martin
  • Heather A. Maykel
  • C. Jean McDonough
  • Nadia McGourthy
  • Robert McLaren
  • Cynthia M. McMullen
  • Jean G. McMurray
  • Christopher G. Mehne
  • John F. Merrill
  • Peter Metz
  • Katherine H. Metzger
  • Erwin H. Miller
  • John O. Mirick
  • Frederick M. Misilo Jr.
  • Satya Mitra
  • Ann K. Molloy
  • Charles F. Monahan Jr.
  • Janet Wilson Moore
  • Gail M. Morgan
  • Barrett Morgan
  • Laurance S. Morrison
  • Robert J. Morton
  • James J. Moynihan
  • William G. Muller
  • Frederic H. Mulligan
  • Timothy P. Murray
  • Ginger Navickas
  • Leopoldo Negrón Cruz
  • AiVi Nguyen
  • David A. Nicholson
  • Andrew B. O'Donnell
  • Kevin O'Sullivan
  • David R. Ojerholm
  • Vincent J. Osterman
  • Joe Pagano
  • Martha R. Pappas
  • Sahdev R. Passey
  • Thoru Pederson
  • Deborah A. Penta
  • Neil Petersen
  • Jackie Peterson
  • Paul M. Pezzella
  • Lisa A. Piehler
  • Cynthia N. Pitcher
  • Jason J. Port
  • Christine M. Proffitt
  • Marla Maykel Pyle
  • Richard L. Pyle
  • Raymond Quinlan
  • Jose Ramirez
  • Hilda Ramirez
  • Kenneth Reed
  • Mary Jane Rein
  • Dennis Rice
  • Mary C. Ritter
  • Rev. Sarai Rivera
  • Shelley Rodman
  • Eric Roldan
  • Melvin Rosenblatt
  • Laurie Ross
  • Scott Rossiter
  • Paul R. Rossley
  • Steven Rothschild
  • Kent dur Russell
  • Francis M. Saba
  • Brenda K. Safford
  • Nancy H. Sala
  • Andrew Salmon
  • R. Joseph Salois
  • Steven M. Sargent
  • Kwasi Sarpong
  • Paul F. Schlaikjer
  • Francis J. Scollen
  • Paul F. Scully
  • Carol L. Seager
  • Sara Kelleher Sears
  • Jay S. Sherwin
  • John F. Shoro
  • Philip O. Shwachman
  • Troy Siebels
  • Marvin S. Silver
  • Edward D. Simsarian
  • Michael D. Sleeper
  • Joshua Lee Smith
  • Jeffrey S. Solomon
  • Jaime Soto Jr.
  • Mark Spuria
  • Peter R. Stanton
  • Carolyn J. Stempler
  • Joseph N. Stolberg
  • Alan M. Stoll
  • Clyde Talley
  • Steven Tankanow
  • George W. Tetler III
  • Robert L. Thomas
  • Troy B. Thompson
  • Brian W. Thompson
  • Adi Tibrewal
  • Sumner B. Tilton Jr.
  • David N. Tinsley
  • Eric Torkornoo
  • Roger R. Trahan Jr.
  • Margaret W. Traina
  • Tuyet Tran
  • Alexis Travis
  • John A. Trobaugh
  • Michael P. Tsotsis
  • Jayna Turchek
  • Victoria Twumasi Chavis
  • Wayne Ushman
  • Charles R. Valade
  • Carmen D. Vazquez
  • Wyatt R. Wade
  • William D. Wallace
  • Matthew Wally
  • Matthias Waschek
  • Charles S. Weiss
  • James A. Welu
  • Meridith D. Wesby
  • Todd H. Wetzel
  • David White
  • Harry T. Whitin
  • Thomas J. Wickstrom
  • Michael Wilcox
  • Donna M. Williams
  • Jack L. Wolfson
  • David K. Woodbury
  • Janice B. Yost
  • Alex Zequeira
  • Kelsa L. Zereski
  • Robert Zibinskas
  • Tina Zlody

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