The Greater Worcester Community Foundation invests in local nonprofits through grants and technical support. Our investment of funds and knowledge begins with our competitive grantmaking process. Twice a year, our Distribution Committee—staff and volunteers with varied perspectives and local expertise—reviews grant proposals and recommends grantees. Their selections are then reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors.

As part of this process, we advise grantees and applicants on steps to strengthen their proposals and programs. And each year, our Outreach & Evaluation Committee, another team of expert staff and volunteers, reviews the outcomes of selected grants. 

Our grants honor the wishes of our donors now and forever. Donors who create discretionary funds enable the Foundation to make grants that meet the community’s urgent and evolving needs.

Other donors prefer to take an active role in recommending grantees or designate the nonprofit or cause that receives their grants. Each approach benefits our community.

Our priorities are to nurture:

  • Safe and vibrant neighborhoods
  • The health and well being of children, youth and families
  • Strong schools and educational achievement   
  • Robust arts and cultural life
  • Our environment and natural resources
  • A regional economy with opportunities for all

The Distribution Committee is composed of nine members appointed by: the college presidents of Worcester, the first justice of Worcester probate court, United Way of Central Massachusetts chair of the board, the Worcester city manager, and Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

Current members are: Gregory Baker, Joanne L. Calista, Brian M. Chandley, Mary Jo Marion, Nadia T. McGourthy, Scott Rossiter, Karen-Louise Rucks, Scott Williams, and Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham.