Philanthropic Partner

Our donor services make it easy for you create a fund that meets your philanthropic and financial objectives.

Your Dreams—Your Fund

We help our donors—individuals, families and organizations—as well as their financial advisors choose the right giving vehicle(s) from a variety of fund options.

We make giving easy and effective. We know our community and its needs. We work closely with local nonprofits. We get to know you and help you match your passions with local needs and worthy programs.

Getting Started is Simple

With a $10,000 gift, you can create your own charitable fund with the Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

We are a 501(c)(3) public charitable corporation and all contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Foundation's federal identification number is: 04-2572276.

Establish your fund in your name or the name of your family—or let its name honor a cherished person, group or cause. All grants from your fund will carry its name, now and in the future.

Putting Your Fund to Work is Easy

We do all the administration—including investing, grantmaking and reporting—sparing you expense, work and worry. 

Your Fund Fulfills Your Wishes Forever

The grants we make from your fund honor your stated charitable intentions in perpetuity.

The Foundation pools donors’ funds and professionally invests this money to earn the highest returns. Each year, the Foundation distributes up to four percent of your earnings as grants according to your wishes, and does so forever.