Becoming a Donor

Becoming a DonorFew of our donors have extraordinary means—but all have a desire to improve the world they call home. As your philanthropic partner, we help you create a fund that meets your philanthropic and financial objectives. From donor education to fund administration, our services make giving easy and effective. The grants we make from your fund honor your stated charitable intentions in perpetuity.

Personal Consultation and Planning

We help our donors—individuals, families and organizations—as well as their financial advisors choose the right giving vehicle(s) from a variety of fund options.

Fund Administration

Donors entrust us with their dreams and gifts—and leave the details to us. We do all the administration—including investing, grantmaking and reporting—sparing you expense, work and worry.


Your fund becomes part of our endowment and gains the benefits of permanence and scale. The Foundation pools donors’ funds and professionally invests this money to earn the highest returns. As your fund grows, it does more for your chosen cause. Every year, the Foundation distributes up to 4 percent of your fund’s total value as grants according to your wishes, and does so forever.

Donor Education and Events

Our year-round calendar of educational and social programs is offered to those who have created named funds and Acorn Society members who have established bequest gifts.

Find out more by contacting our director of donor services, Kelly Stimson at (508) 755-0980 or

Your Money at Work

Grants from your funds help worthy nonprofit organizations provide vital services that improve the lives of people in our region.

Our grant allocation for 2011:


Number of Gifts 959
Number of Donors 849
Largest Gift $900,000
Smallest Gift $5
Total Gifts $3,406,010

Promoting Affordable Education, Preparing Nurses for Leadership

The Lillian R. Goodman and Mary K. Alexander Fund for Nursing Education and Research continues the work of two professors of the UMass Worcester Graduate School of Nursing. Their fund provides nursing programs at Worcester State University and UMass Worcester with annual grants. 

Mary K. Alexander, EdD, professor emeritus, regards the Foundation as a force magnifier. “Its investments build our fund,” she says, “and its commitment to health care attracts like-minded donors.”  

“I hope to see the role of nurses in health care recognized as second to none,” says Lillian R. Goodman, EdD, dean emeritus. “Our fund will contribute to this goal forever.”