Scholarship Application and Guidelines

The following information is required by our scholarship application.

If you plan to apply, please review this information carefully.


Family financial information is a required portion of the scholarship application. Please have your parent/guardian assist with this section of the application. This information will only be viewed by Foundation staff.

Who should complete the financial information section?

If you, the applicant, are a “dependent,” then the financial questions must be completed by your parent(s) or the adult(s) who provided your household financial support in 2017.

If you, the applicant, are “independent,” then you will provide your own financial information (and your spouse's, if married). Please note: you are considered an independent student if:

  • you were born before January 1, 1995;
  • you are an orphan or a ward of the court;
  • you are homeless;
  • you have ever served in the military;
  • you are married;
  • you will be in graduate school in 2018-2019;
  • you have dependents (other than a spouse) that you support;
  • you have not been claimed as a dependent on your parents' federal tax forms for two consecutive years and have earned at least $4,000 in each of those years.
  • Transcript

    You are required to upload an updated academic transcript from your current high school or college (or your GED scores). (If your school uses a quarter system, your transcript must include your 1st- and 2nd-quarter grades. If your school uses a trimester system, your transcript may include only your first-trimester grades.)

    If you're in high school, request your transcript from your Guidance Office.

    If you're in college, request it from your Registrar.

    When you receive your transcript, upload it to your application. If your transcript is given to you on paper, then scan and save it as a PDF file before uploading.

    Recommendation Letter

    From within your online application, you will email a teacher or academic advisor to request a letter of recommendation. The teacher or advisor must upload the recommendation to your application using a link in the email you sent. You will be able to see if the recommendation has arrived, but will not be able to read it. You will not be able to submit your application until the recommendation has been received.

    Special Circumstances

    If there are any family or personal circumstances that you feel should be taken into consideration by the scholarship committee, you may write a separate statement describing the situation.

    Additional Materials

    Several scholarships require an extra statement from the applicant. If you are eligible for these scholarships and wish to be considered, you will submit the extra statement(s) when prompted on the application.

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