O&E Site Visitors Program

Site visits are an outstanding way for GWCF volunteers, fund holders and corporators to experience first-hand the impact our grantmaking has on the community.
O&E visits are one of the best ways to fulfill my role as a Foundation Board member. The community benefits from so many thriving nonprofits. These visits provide me with the opportunity to witness how well our funds are being used.

Matt Wally, Foundation Board Member

Between March and September of 2018, O& E Site Visitors met with 30 grantee organizations across Worcester County.











At our visit to Community Harvest Project, we observed volunteers hard at work, tending fresh produce that will feed hungry families across Worcester County. Through partnerships and education initiatives, this impressive operation is making a real impact. Foundation support is helping to make it possible.

If you missed your chance to participate in an O&E Site Visit this year, don't worry. The program kicks off annually in March, so stay tuned in the Spring!

The Details

Through our Outreach & Education Site Visitors program, volunteers are invited to join us as we meet with Foundation grantees, hear from top agency leaders, and see first-hand how services are being delivered. The best visits end with participants informed and inspired, both by the work of the agencies, and by how the Foundation is having a real impact.

  • Volunteers are welcome to participate in as many site visits as they want.
  • Site visit participants should plan for two hours, not including travel.
  • Visitors may be provided with reading materials in advance of the visit.
  • Each visit will include a short debriefing session led by a foundation staff member; these will be incorporated into a visit report that informs future grant decisions.

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Contact Jonathan Cohen, Program Officer

These visits are like a backstage pass. I’ve learned so much about the workings of non-profits and their missions. The professional staff makes it easy. Just show up with an inquisitive mind.

Scott Rossiter, Foundation Corporator

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