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Help with College Tuition

“Congratulations! It is my pleasure to inform you…” This is the phrase that every college-bound senior hopes to see from the schools they’ve applied to. But once accepted, how do the student and their family afford it? Knowing that the answer is a combination of family savings, personal loans, work study, and awards, the Foundation is here to help with that final component: private scholarship aid.

Scholarships have become an essential part to financing a college education. These awards can bridge the gap in the financial picture. Thanks to the generosity of donors who have endowed over 130 separate scholarship funds, with focus areas that range from town of residence to field of study and more, we are able to help over 350 students each year pursue their college plans.

One application opens the door. Any Worcester County graduating high school senior planning to enroll in college this fall should check out our Scholarships 2017 portal on our website www.greaterworcester.org

Applications are due on Monday, March 6th. Awards will be announced three months later. For more information, please contact Beckley Schowalter, Scholarship Program Manager at bschowalter@greaterworcester.org.

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