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Helping Students Make Their Dream A Reality

The Foundation’s scholarship program enables college-bound high school seniors to be considered for multiple opportunities through a single online application. In June 2017, the Foundation awarded 390 scholarships on the basis of merit, financial need and special criteria totaling $630,000 to students at nearly 50 schools in Central Massachusetts.

From earning their Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts to being software engineers, students in Worcester County share big dreams. With the help of our scholarship program, these students will receive awards to go towards helping make their dreams a reality.

The Foundation hosted a Scholarship Reception on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at Worcester State University. More than 300 scholarship recipients, their families, scholarship donors, and community volunteers came to celebrate our students and the financial step they’re taking toward a successful future. Elizabeth Dugas, Worcester State, Class of 2018 spoke to the students about their next chapter. She told them, “I have found, while in college, that it is ok to be yourself, even with flaws.” Elizabeth became involved with Active Minds, a group that brings awareness about mental health services on college campus. This experience, Elizabeth shared, allowed her to become a student leader and face her own anxieties. Her last advice to the students was: “go to your colleges, go to your new beginnings and soar!”

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