Gifts by Will

Include a statement in your will that specifies an amount or a share of your assets shall be distributed to Greater Worcester Community Foundation for purposes you stipulate. A gift by will reduces your estate tax.

Types of Charitable Bequests

  • Specific
    leave a specified dollar amount or items of property.
  • Percentage 
    bequeath a set percentage of your estate’s value.
  • Residuary 
    leave the Foundation whatever is left in your estate after specific amounts are bequeathed to other beneficiaries.
  • Contingent 
    bequeath all or a portion of your estate to the Foundation which we may or may not receive depending on the occurrence of specific but uncertain events, e.g. all heirs are no longer living.

Why would I leave a bequest to the Foundation to benefit particular organization rather than bequeathing it directly to them?

You want to make sure your bequest benefits the community in perpetuity. Let’s say you establish a fund for a specific organization and in twenty-five or fifty years it ceases to exist. In that situation, the Foundation has a fiduciary responsibility to find another organization that most closely matches the mission of the original organization. This can be done without having to go probate court saving the cost and hassle of legal fees and hurtles. By supporting organizations through a fund at the Foundation, your legacy is never lost in fact, it will have increased due to growth in our investments

To learn about creating a fund through a bequest

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