Cultural Plan Activation Mini-Grant Program

The Cultural Plan Activation Mini-Grant Program, a key part of the Foundation’s Creative Worcester Initiative, is intended to inspire organizations and individuals engaged in the creative sector to help advance the City’s Cultural Plan. Through this grant program we seek projects that: celebrate & amplify diverse communities; increase access, equity & inclusion; uplift & empower the community; and, are innovative, thought-provoking & collaborative.

About the Program

The Foundation, an active partner in the development of the City of Worcester's Cultural Plan, is a strong advocate of the idea that arts & culture are essential to the development of healthy cities. We believe that Worcester’s creative community has a unique and important role to play in establishing a city that is culturally rich, diverse and welcoming for all.

Cultural Plan-inspired projects must:

  • Align with our values
  • Address one or more Cultural Plan strategies
  • Take place within Worcester city limits
  • Have a demonstrated public benefit

Values Guiding Our Work

The Foundation believes that we build a stronger community when we use our grants and other resources to:

  • Improve access to creative experiences for those who may have been traditionally excluded
  • Celebrate the assets of a diverse community, address injustice, welcome newcomers, and incorporate the views of those from underrepresented communities
  • Foster dynamic collaborations among organizations and across sectors
  • Adopt practices based on proven evidence and use data to drive decisions
  • Help nonprofits improve their financial and management practices, and expand the base of community support

Grant Range

Grants may range in size from $500 to $5,000. The Foundation does not need to be the sole funder of any project. Funds will be dispersed upon approval/acceptance, unless specific circumstances exist that warrant delayed payment.


Applicants must be either (a) a tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as recognized by IRS code 501(c)(3) serving Worcester or a contiguous community; (b) an unincorporated organization in a documented fiscal sponsorship agreement with an established nonprofit; or, (c) an individual member of the creative sector looking to deliver a program or project in Worcester.


  • Only one project per application. 
  • Projects that are already underway are NOT eligible. Grants may not be used for expenses already incurred.
  • Cultural Plan Activation Mini-Grants may not be used for afterschool or summer enrichment programs for youth; applicants interested in funding for such programs should apply through our Community Grant Program.
  • An organization or individual may receive a maximum of one Cultural Plan Activation Mini-Grant per calendar year.


None. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis July - November until available funds are exhausted. Notification of our funding decision may take up to 60 days - plan accordingly.


Organizations and individuals chosen will be expected to:

  • Participate in one grantee gathering organized by the Foundation;
  • At the conclusion of their project: 
    • Submit a progress report outlining project achievements and, more importantly, describing lessons learned that can be shared with others to increase the capacity of the sector; and, 
    • Submit some form of visual documentation of the project.

Application Forms & Instructions

The application form is online. The first time an organization applies to the Foundation through our online application system, it creates an Organization Account to use for each application going forward. Please use the same account you have previously used, or create a new one if this your first time applying online. You may contact Foundation staff to find out if your organization already has an account in our system.

If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact Lindiana Semidei by email:

About the Creative Worcester Initiative

Greater Worcester Community Foundation is excited to partner with the Barr Foundation to support and elevate the creative community of Worcester. Through several initiatives, we look to do our part to energize and elevate Worcester’s dynamic creative ecosystem by helping support innovative projects and thoughtful planning.

The Creative Worcester Initiative will support organizations and individuals in the creative sector, and those committed to strengthening the sector, to develop deeper engagement with our changing and diverse community. Our aim is to foster a city where artists and creative entrepreneurs are welcomed and supported, quality projects are expanded and emulated, the contributions of our diverse populations are celebrated, and the sector is supported as a key driver of vitality and well-being.

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