Creative Worcester

A project of the Barr Foundation's Creative Commonwealth Initiative

Greater Worcester Community Foundation is partnering with the Barr Foundation to support and elevate the creative community of Worcester. We seek to help propel Worcester's "cultural renaissance" by energizing dynamic cultural institutions, empowering innovative creatives, and engaging with community leaders.

As the world changes around us, we depend on arts and creativity to continue to change as well – to help bridge divides, build understanding, and for all to find their voice and place in our communities. Our aim is to foster a city where artists and creative entrepreneurs are welcomed and supported, quality projects are replicated or taken to scale, the contributions of our diverse populations are celebrated, and the sector is supported as a key driver of vitality and well-being.

Our Values

Greater Worcester Community Foundation believes that we build a stronger community when we use our grants and others resources to:
  • Improve access to resources for those who have been traditionally excluded;
  • Appreciate the assets of a diverse community, address injustice, welcome newcomers, and incorporate the views of those who are intended to benefit from funded programs;
  • Foster dynamic collaborations among organizations and across sectors;
  • Adopt practices based on proven evidence and use data to drive decisions;
  • Help nonprofits improve their financial and management practices, and expand the base of community support.
  • About the Creative Commonwealth Initiative

    The Creative Commonwealth Initiative brings together the Barr Foundation, a private foundation based in Boston, with five community foundations throughout Massachusetts who recognize the power and importance of arts and creativity for their communities, and the vital role they can play to bring more strategic and sustainable investments in the sector. 

    Creative Community Engagement Grant Program

    The Creative Community Engagement Grant Program will support organizations who actively seek to develop deeper engagement with our changing and diverse community in alignment with their strategic visions and our values. Grantees will receive both financial and knowledge resources, and be expected to share their learnings with the creative community.

    Applications due

    March 15, 2019

    Creative Spark Grant Program
    The Creative Spark Grant Program will support organizations and individuals engaged in the creative sector who have innovative ideas that aligns with our values and demonstrates programmatic excellence. These grants are meant to “spark” more connections with and expressions by diverse community voices, and support experiments in amplifying diverse community voices and presence within the creative sector.

      Applications due

      TBA (spring/summer)
      *Grant Guidelines will be made available in March.


    Cultural Planning

    Greater Worcester Community Foundation is in full support of the City of Worcester’s commitment to embark on cultural planning. Through the Creative Worcester Initiative, we will play a leadership role in the City’s work, advocating for our values around the engagement and inclusion of diverse and under-represented voices.

    Telephone: 508-755-0980

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